• October, Composition and Live Stream Residency at House of Beautiful Business, Germany


  • July 9, Uncertainty Music Series at Never-ending Books, New Haven, CT
  • July 10, 10pm In Studio Performance, Live Constructions, WKCR 89.9FM NYC
  • July 13, A.E. Randolph Series at Rye, Brooklyn, NY
  • July 29, Firemuseum Presents at Vox, Philadelphia, PA
  • July 30, Shapeshifter Lab, Brooklyn, NY
  • August 2, Second Street Art Gallery (w/ Chris Dammann’s Restroy),Charlottesville, VA
  • August 3, Balliceaux (w/ Scott Clark) Richmond, VA
  • November 20, 6pm, Downtown Music Gallery, New York, NY
  • December 2, Sonic Circuits (w/ Makoto Kawabata and Tatsuya Nakatani, Halo Valley), Washington, DC
  • December 3,  Modern Music Guild Presents, (w/ Lisa Miralia), Oberlin, OH
  • December 4, City of Asylum, Pittsburgh, PA


  • July 25 – 31, Composition Residency at COART, Lijiang, China
  • July 31, COART Presents in Concert, Lijiang, China


  • October 29, Manhattan Inn, Brooklyn, NY
  • October 28, Pidgin Culture Presents at Trans-Pecos, Brooklyn, NY
  • October 25, Fire Museum Presents at the First Banana, Philadelphia, PA
  • July 12, Jiǔyuè, Dali, China

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