• Tiny Mix Tapes, Video Premier: “Make Way for the Mane of Spit and Nails”“Inundating you with a cozy dose of soft sci-fi futurism is Free World Music by Brooklyn’s Rick Parker and Dali’s Li Daiguo, a randomly collided pair of quantum radicals sitting at a similar alt-world-classical tilt.”
  • The Wire, August 2016 “Bites: Pipa Dreams” 
    [Li has] found his own voice on the instrument, pushing its sonic capabilities beyond anything that’s been previously attempted on it”
  • All About Jazz  “Entertaining, different and expertly played, it is yet another new direction for creative music.”- Karl Ackerman
  • The Observer: July’s Best Avant-Garde Concerts (2016)“Free World Music, a daring set of free-improv noisescapes fitting of its title”
  • Secret Decoder premiers track from Free World Music
    “On “A Steady Heartbeat is the Sound of Death,” the duo draws from jazz, krautrock, and science fiction. A strangely motorik bassline makes way for a caterwauling trombone before Parker’s synthesizer begins its coy, technosirenic ascent to the sonic forefront. The first synthesizer notes are electrifying – pun fucking intended – and make for an especially riveting album closer.”
  • Performance at Philadelphia’s First Banana selected as a Top 10 Gig of 2014!
    “Exciting new sounds off China- based Daiguo’s cello merged brilliantly with Parker’s trombone and electronic effects. Hard to fathom this was only their second gig.” – Ken Weiss, Cadence Magazine
  • Interview with The Key WXPN Philadelphia
    Rick Parker and Li Daiguo Bring Global Jazz to the First Banana
    “The sounds that the two create together are uncategorizable, a fluid blend of past and future, traditional and modern. They move from the ambient to the abstract, with folk-like acoustics colliding strangely with sci-fi electronics.” by Shaun Brady



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