The Beginning

In the summer of 2014, Rick Parker travelled from New York City to the town of Dali located in the Yunnan province in Southwest China to collaborate with acclaimed multi instrumentalist Li Daiguo. Parker is widely recognized for his incorporation of electronic effects with his trombone and synthesizers and Li is considered one of the most captivating solo experimental traditional performers in China with his mastery of cello, pipa, throat singing, shona mbira, a variety of Chinese ethnic flutes and beatboxing. In Dali the duo performed 2 improvised sets to a packed house at the popular venue September (Jiǔyuè) and began recording their first album together. That fall, Li made his way to New York City where the two finished their first recording and performed concerts in Philadelphia with Fire Museum Presents and Brooklyn at the Manhattan Inn and Trans-Pecos. 2015 will bring the release of their debut recording as well as tours in China and USA later in the year.

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